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  • Bathroom-wall-tile
    How can I replace Drywall with Tiled Walls?

    When thinking about installing tiled walls, the first step is to consider what room in your house this wall will exist in. Where these usually go Typically tiled walls are installed in bathrooms for t...

  • plumbingtips
    Stuck with Plumbing? Read out few tips

    Below are some helpful tips that you can use to keep your home’s plumbing working and reduce the need for expensive repairs. Taps and Sinks Leaking taps can waste thousands of litres of water &a...

  • BlockDrain
    Tip: Check your Blocked Drains and garbage Disposals

    Blocked Drains To prevent blocked drains, fit your bath and showers with strainers to catch hair and soap chips. Clean these regularly. Don’t pour fats or oils down the kitchen sink as these can...