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Welcome to Tradie Hotline Castle Cove Office. If you are searching for a service for your plumbing concern then you’ve gone to the right location. You can guarantee that our plumbers are skilled, certified, and well-educated to make certain that your plumbing emergency is corrected right away! Our support services will make sure that you won’t be wasting both your money and time. Once you’ve been serviced by a Tradie Hotline plumber, we will continuously report on you to make sure all is sweet, and while we go to it, we will make sure there are no other issues that could become a significant safety problem.
Most of all, we supply our plumbing products at an affordable fee. There you have it, outstanding top quality, unmatched solution and reasonable rate all comes packaged with an individual phone call.
So regardless if you need an emergency or a simple plumbing service for both homeowner and business work, we are always here to service you for 24 Hr a day.


  • Emergency Services (24 hour plumbing services)
  • All plumbing services
  • Fully licensed, insured and professional contractors
  • Get it right the first time policy
  • Lifetime support
  • Naturally, we’ll clean up the mess once we’re done
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Hearing the dripping sound originating from a leaking tap can be frustrating and leaving it be like that will charge you money as well as lots of wasted water. Get onto it immediately and let one of our trustee plumbers get the job done– simple.

We do realise that you want to maintain your costs reasonable for jobs like changing tap washers and leaking tap repairs. When you would like to us employ for such services, you can assure that we will do the job but we won’t charge you huge. Aside from that, we will facilitate a checkup on your house to ensure that this kind of problem won’t happen anytime soon.

If you believe you have several leaking taps in your home, call us instantly for a prompt and inexpensive leaking tap repair that will save you money and conserve the environment.

We make sure our consumers that they get to experience a high degree of professional service regardless of how big or small the job is. You can assure that with Tradie Hotline, your worry will be addressed straightaway.


Is your kitchen sink mixer dripping or revealing some of the following issues:
– Operating on one speed only.
– Not switching fast enough.

If that holds true then have it looked by a professional plumber. Let us come in and check up on your mixer and maybe fix or substitute at a competitive cost.

We source all our replacement pieces and kitchen mixers from authentic suppliers at next to nothing, implying you obtain a high quality long-term repair or install for the price of generic parts. Contact us and experience quality service.



When it pertains to installing or handling gas lines on your house or properties things can get serious. Because of this, you have to ensure that security are complied with and that your plumber is competent enough for the job!

Keep your loved ones safe and acquire a competitive professional gas fitting estimate from Tradie Hotline. You will not be disheartened with the service, quality and mere proficiency of your local Tradie Hotline gas fitter.

If you don’t have gas, then it is really extremely advised. With utility bills soaring setting up gas for water heating, heating systems and cook tops is a fantastic alternate.

Compared to specific electric powered heaters where you find yourself losing hot water in the middle of a shower, you can enjoy endless instant warm water readily available with a continuous movement gas hot water heater setup from Tradie Hotline. Talk to us today.

Having gas heating instead of a fire place is certainly a mess-free substitute. You will definitely save on energy consumption and you won’t experience coldness during the cold month. Keep the winter cold outside and get your heating converted to gas.

Even when there are lots of advanced cooking devices out there, chef’s still prefer to cook using gas. Not to mention the energy usage of electrical tops. So why hold off and get a gas cook top installed in your place today. Oh and while you’re at it, inquire about our backyard bbq gas connections and stop the over-priced and time wasting job of changing those bottles!


Lacking hot water? Then worry no more because our 24-HOUR local Tradie Hotline plumber will always be there to serve you. Just hit the emergency button and request a call back.

If you’re warm water device has bitten the dust, aside from choosing a delicate way to advise you the critical news we will sit down with you and assist you find a fitting budget-friendly substitute. Given our economy of scale, we have the ability to pass away large savings to our clients on water heaters meaning you get a superior product and set up at a fragment of the costs.

So get heated and make the action, get in touch with a Tradie Hotline water heater expert now.



Is your sink, bath, shower or toilet emptying too slow? Already got the plunger out without any luck? Well, it’s a blocked drain. If you have more drains experiencing blockage then it can possibly be a serious issue. It may be your primary sewer line! If your major sewer line is shut out then it will cost you since it has an effect on all drains in your house.

If you’ve tried doing fixes on your own without any outcomes then it’s perhaps time to call a qualified pllumber. We have all the latest high tech gadgets to get the job accomplished swiftly and simple, consisting of high pressure test buckets, electrical eels and pipe cameras.

For a more substantial issue, a total dig up may be called for. This can get pricey and dirty, so at Tradie Hotline we will do everything we can to look at alternate choices prior to going to this. Among these possibilities consists of pipe relining where our gigged trucks will reline the pipes from the inside out without needing a primary dig up.

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