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Welcome to Tradie Hotline Campsie Office. If you intend to get the task completed then you are actually in the correct place. You can make certain that our plumbers are experienced, authorized, and well-educated to make sure that your plumbing emergency is repaired right away! Don’t waste your precious time and money and eliminate the suffering. After you have been serviced by one of our Tradie Hotline plumbers, we will proceed to monitor your situation to ensure that your plumbing concern won’t bother you ever again.
To top it off, our acquiring power means we can provide quality plumbing materials and setups at very competitive prices. With our guidance, you will absolutely encounter an excellent level of assistance and competitive prices.
So regardless if you require an emergency or a basic plumbing assistance for each resident and business job, we are definitely here to service you for 24 Hr a day.


  • Emergency Services (24 hour plumbing services)
  • All plumbing services
  • Fully licensed, insured and professional contractors
  • Get it right the first time policy
  • Lifetime support
  • Naturally, we’ll clean up the mess once we’re done
  • Free Full Property Check Up


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All of us don’t like that irritating constant dripping noise of a dripping tap, and at best leaving it like that will charge you a stash of money not to mention wasting bucket tons of water. Get onto it instantly and let one of our trustee plumbers do the job– easy.

We do understand that you want to keep your expenses reasonable for small works like changing out tap washers and leaking tap repair works. When you need to us employ for such services, you can assure that we will finish the job but we won’t charge you huge. Aside from that, we will carry out a checkup on your home to make sure that this kind of trouble won’t occur anytime soon.

If ever you have some leaking taps on your property, give us a call immediately to experience a budget friendly repair with effective outcomes.

We make sure our customers that they get to experience a high level of professional service regardless of how big or small the task is. You can ensure that with Tradie Hotline, your problem will be taken care of straightaway.


Is your kitchen sink mixer leaking or revealing some of the following issues:
– Only has a level one speed.
– Doesn’t switch quick.

Well then it’s probably time you showed it to a plumbing doctor. Let us come in and check up on your mixer and maybe repair or replace at a reasonable cost.

We obtain our kitchen mixer and replacement parts from trusted makers thus making sure that you will get an efficient repair work or installation for the price of generic parts. Chat right now and experience the big difference.



Setting up or fixing gas lines on your house can be a critical task. Because of this, you ought to make certain that security are adhered to and that your plumber is skilled enough for the task!

Always keep your family secure and obtain an affordable qualified gas fitting quotation from Tradie Hotline. You will not be disheartened with the service, quality and high competency of your local Tradie Hotline gas fitter.

It is strongly recommended that you have a gas line. To save money on energy bills, setting up gas lines for your household equipment is an excellent alternative.

You will take pleasure in a continuous flow of hot water when you have Tradie Hotline set up your water heater for you. Call us today.

Gas heating is probably the next best thing to a fire place, just without all the clutter. Energy consumption is relatively lowered and it won’t charge you an arm or leg to stay warm in winter. You will undoubtedly fend off winter’s chill and experience warmness for the entire season.

With all the brand-new technology available, cooking with gas is still the option of almost every established cook. Not to mention the energy consumption of electrical tops. Because of that, you need to have a gas cook top installed right away. In addition that, you should also consider installing a back yard barbeque gas link and save money on it as well!


No warm water? Don’t worry you can depend on our 24 hour support service to have a local Tradie Hotline plumber appear real soon. Just hit the emergency button and request a recall.

If you’re warm water unit has dropped dead, aside from choosing a fragile way to inform you the major news we will take a seat with you and aid you find a fitting budget-friendly replacement. Given our economy of scale, we have the ability to transmit enormous savings to our clients on water heaters meaning you get a top quality item and set up at a fraction of the price.

So get heated and make the move, phone a Tradie Hotline water heater expert now.



Is your sink, bath, shower or toilet emptying too slowly? Already got the plunger out without success? Well, it’s a blocked drain. If beyond one drain is clogging together, it may be much more serious than a basic obstruction. There must be a complication with your major sewer line! A clogged main sewer line can get pricey very swiftly as it affects every single drain at home.

If you’ve given it a decent chance, and water just won’t budge then don’t dwell on it, get a certified plumber on it. We are geared up with the current technologies including electrical eels, high pressure test buckets, and pipe cameras.

If it’s a severe problem, then you could call for a total dig up. This can get high priced and untidy, so at Tradie Hotline we will do everything we can to consider other options prior to going to this. One of these options includes pipe relining where our gigged trucks will reline the pipes from the inside out without having a notable dig up.

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