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Welcome to Tradie Hotline Double Bay Center We pride ourselves on the reliable, honest and quality service we offer our clients.. Our electrical experts are hand picked to assure that you are dealing with a certified and knowledgeable tradie who is capable to tend to your problem and get it right first time round! No beating around the bush, squandering your priceless time and money. Our aim is to actually save time and money for you, in fact we will send out to you your entrusted electrician who understands you, every time you request our services In this way, the electrician will always know your residence and will be able to act with effectiveness How good is that! To top it off, our buying power means we can supply quality electrical products and installations at very affordable prices. To sum it up: fantastic quality, unbeatable service, and great pricing all with just a call to the right guys Therefore, it does not matter if it’s a simple electrical issue for your home or your business or a big emergency, our contractors are available 24h to help you.


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fault finding


Are you experiencing energy intermittent or electrical related issue? It looks you require an experienced and qualified electrician to come to your location and situate the electrical power issue for you. Our electricians have done that many fault finding tasks that recognizing electrical problems in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is habit to them Our electricians have done that many fault finding jobs that diagnosing electrical issues in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is second nature to them. It’s time to get rid of your electrical problem once and for all thanks to Tradie Hotline, give us a call We have been successful in supplying unsurpassable customer support and building solid relationships with our clients by demonstrating ourselves again and again.


Tradie Hotline ensures installation, maintenance and servicing of bore pumps. Each water bore is unique and pumps must fulfill the guidelines and specifications of the bore. We can also provide specialised guidance about what type of pump to use and the best ways to maintain it effectively to assure a long life investment. Our licenseded electricians will safely install it, and train you up on safe routine maintenance recommendations. Definitely we do provide services to fix or examine your existing bore pumps for maximum performances

pool & bore faults
power points


If you have damaged power points that need replacing, or if you’re seeking to mount some new power points in your home or business then you’re in the best place. We supply a comprehensive and competitively priced quote with no unpleasant surprises in the end, and after your go-ahead, we will bring the right lighting in your life in no time. There is a variety of different innovations nowadays being added into the outdated power point as you know it. It’s important to have the right know-how before committing to a job, indeed, before making any investment we can advise you concerning the ideal products and the most suitable location and finally we will set them up as part of the service. As an example, Tradie Hotline can install USB power points in your home, or business office, so that you can charge things like cell phone and tablets with the USB cable. This leaves the power outlets available for other devices, like table lamps and alarm clocks. We can also provide and install Wifi switches and remote control that will enable you to get in absolute control of your electric devices from your smartphone. The options are endlessness.


Need a hand to finalise your electric powered hot water system setup, or perhaps after a photovoltaic panel set up.
Tradie Hotline has access to a wide range of excellent and budget products that match all scenarios and a specialist nearby team who will more than happy to suggest you about what product will work for your requirements.



Renovations may be such a headache. They usually go over budget and time– and all the best getting your electrical contractor or plumbing technician in on the arranged time. Tradie Hotline makes sure that all the above mention part are taken care of timely and with great experience. Contact a Tradie Hotline plumber or electrician immediately and see the difference. We will consult with your tradesmen or even quote you up on the whole renovation job sparing you time, money and one serious headache.


Security should be a prime interest; even so, not everybody can afford a highly-priced rewiring project for our homes. But finally, thank to Tradie Hotline, getting an inexpensive quote to rewire your residence in a quality way is possible. In truth, at Tradie Hotline we can use economy of scale for premium services and supply you the absolute best quality of skilled and highly trained experts at a super competitive rates. Even a marginal electric fault can be a very early sign of occurring wiring issues in our electrical system that could threaten your household. Our Electrical contractor will offer an outstanding job and deliver to you after conclusion an official document of full conformity for the job done.



An RCD safety switch safeguards by consistently tracking the current flowing in the active and neutral cables providing a circuit or a distinct item of equipment.Under normal scenarios, the current moving in the two wires is equal. Whenever an earth leakage takes place due to a fault in the circuit or an accident with the equipment, an imbalance happens and this is detected by the RCD, which instantly removes the power before injury or issue could result.Residual Current-Device Safety Switches form part of the general requirements within the “Duty of Care” and the responsibility under the Occupational Health Safety legislations and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirement. However without regular repairs and maintenance they may not trip promptly and or much worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches checked today. What is preventing you!


Believe it or not, there are a lot of kinds of surveillance lights out there, and each one have their own varied specifications. End of the day after all, they all serve a generic application– helping keep your property or business safe from trespass. One less common but trending use of safe lighting during night time is the positioning of strategic lights to improve the look of the façade of your property when somebody pass by. Here’s a couple of the more common illuminations we set up and repair: Motion Sensor Security Lights: spare power, these illuminations use a motion sensor to light up when it identifies someone stepping into its path. Timer/Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: can be set to systematically brighten in between dusk and dawn. Wireless (Wifi) Security Lights: you can regulate these lights with your remote control or your smartphone of from any connection you like, you can quickly control if a light is on when you are away or open up the light right before you step into the door. Solar Security Lights: with LED globes utilising much less power and being actually much brighter than halogen globes, it is coming to be more popular to use solar energy in combination with any of the above lighting setups.

security lights
smoke alarms


Needed to have mains powered smoke alarms to meet the tenancy legislative requirements for your leasing property/investment? Australian Legislative obligations require you to have wired smoke alarms in your property, and the rationale Is simple: they protect lives. We will more than happy to recommend you about what you need to ensure you meet your legal prerequisites. Always remember that Tradie Hotline is connected with 300 property agents in the whole Australia, supporting them in maintaining fire protection device for commercial and residential buildings. We can provide super competitive quotes for you as well.


Electric Cooktop comes with different alternatives to select for your house Coil Cooktops, however, are mostly out of the business due to the most up to date modern technology of Ceramic and Induction Cooktops. Ceramic Cooktops: identified typically by a smooth layout they appeal especially to the enthusiast of style and simple lines. They are easy to clean but not so swift to respond when it relates to adjustments in heat level. Induction Cooktops: have an extraordinary warm up and instantaneous response to temperature level adjustments (even matching the capabilities of gas). To top it off, the cooktop in itself does not get hot as it induces power into the cookware it is heating. With these advantage comes an extra price and you will be limited to only using cookware that have a suitable ferrous base (generally stainless steel and/or marked for induction). If you need a certified, knowledgeable and warm and friendly electrical expert for any domestic or industrial electrical services including cooktop installation, make your 1st call to Tradie Hotline.

switchboard upgrade


In our contemporary homes if we want to secure the whole electrical circuitry system is of great importance to own an appropriate operating switchboard Nevertheless, if your property is equipped with an out-of-date switchboard, that can in fact be the cause of your present or future problem.

So when do you should removed and replace a switchboard?

There are some usual signs that will help you discover the cause of this problem. To name a few, a lot of the simpler and typical symptoms of an issue with the switchboard might be lightings trembling or failure of power when more than one home appliance is working.
Yes ok, but how much is going to cost me to replace my switchboard?

It can cost as much as $700 to $800 to removed and replace your currenting switchboard and fuse box.

However this can creep up in cost considerably in the event that you need additional cabling, circuits, additional power phases.
Irrespective or where you live and in what style of residential or commercial properties you are located, having an adequate functioning switchboard in place is a cornerstone for the safety of you and your friends and family and an essential safety versus expensive electric unfortunate incidents.


Been in need of that perfect ceiling ventilator or light installation. At Tradie Hotline we have the perfect expert to carry out the perfect work for you! It’s easy to have a quick and easy to review quotation with no unpleasant surprise so you can contact us right now!
Before devoting to a task it’s far better to have very clear in your mind what do you would like to accomplish

Ambient lights– to achieve this by utilizing a concealed source of illumination that washout a space with a splendor. Making minimum shadows around your furniture An example of ambient illumination are paper lights or a wall candlestick

ceiling fan
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