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Hello from Tradie Hotline Botany Offices We take pride in ourselves on the reliable, honest and quality service we offer our clients.. All our electricians are selected to make sure you are receiving a top of the class licensed experienced service from a tradie, who will attend all your needs No beating around the bush, throwing away your priceless time and money. We also save you time and money, by making sure we send out the same electrician every time you need our services this means, the electrician knows his way around your house, and can hit the ground running. How great is that! To make it even better, thanks to our buying power we can provide you the best electrical product and installation at incredible rates There you have it, exceptional quality, unmatched service and competitive price all comes packaged with a single call. So if it’s an emergency or simply electrical services for residential or commercial electrical contractors work, touch base 24.


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fault finding


Is your electrical power stumbling or illuminations trembling? It seems you are in need of a friendly electrical expert to come over and really help recognize your power issue. Our electricians have done that many fault finding works that figuring out electrical problems in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is second nature to them Our electricians have done that many fault finding jobs that diagnosing electrical issues in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is second nature to them. So get that electrical problem sorted finally, give Tradie Hotline a phone call. We have succeeded in providing unequalled client service and building solid relationships with our customers by proving ourselves repeatedly.


Tradie Hotline provides setting up, care and repairing of bore pumps. Virtually every water bore is unique and pumps must match the requirements and specs of the bore. We can also offer specialised recommendations about what type of pump to use and how you can take care of it appropriately to guarantee a long life assets. Our expert electricians will handle the installation, making certain you understand clearly how to caring for the basic maintenance of the pump Needlessly to say we do offer services to restore or inspect your existing bore pumps for ideal performances.

pool & bore faults
power points


If you have substandard power points that require repairing, or if you’re looking to install some new power points in your property then you’re in the ideal place. Our electrical experts, will get the spark back into your day real quick, and best of all, it’s inexpensive and will not sting your pocket. Call now for a very competitive quotation. Multiple technological innovations are incorporated daily in the old power point that we are used to using. It’s important to have the right know-how before committing to a task, indeed, before making any purchase we can advise you regarding the right products and the appropriate point and finally we will set them up as part of the service. For instance, Tradie Hotline can easily mount USB power points at home, or office space, to ensure that you can charge things like mobile phone and tablet computers with the USB cable. This leaves the power outlets available for other devices, like lights and alarm clocks. We can also offer and install Wifi switches and remote control that will enable you to get in absolute control of your electric devices from your mobile phone. The options are endlessness.


Do you want to set up solar batteries on your residential or commercial property or you are searching for a new electric powered hot water system?
We have a committed team of specialist which has access to the best range of premium and budget items for any kind of situation. They will more than happy to guide you and offer a friendly service in classic Tradie Hotline style.



Let’s face it, doing a makeover can easily be an enormous pain. Each time you fix a budget, It regularly gets crushed, and one of the most troublesome tasks is to get a trusted electrical contractor to be on schedule and do the job.. Tradie Hotline ensures that all the above mention part are taken care of timely and with great competence. Give us a try with a simple telephone call, book an electrician for an assessment and verify the difference We will consult with your tradesmen or even quote you up on the whole renovation job sparing you time, money and one significant hassle.


Basic safety is paramount, but regretfully in some cases we put our well being second when we find out the amount of money it will actually cost to rewire a house. Well don’t worry any longer. Getting a low-cost house wiring quote now does not imply you must jeopardise safety and skillfullness. In truth, at Tradie Hotline we can use economy of scale for premium solutions and deliver you the absolute best quality of skilled and knowledgeable experts at a seriously competitive rates. If you have repeated small electrical issues perhaps its a sign that your existing wiring is alarmingly frayed, not properly grounded or not up to the requirements of your modern home appliances. Our Electrical contractor will provide an outstanding job and provide to you after completion a certificate of full compliance for the work done.



An RCD safety and security switch safeguards by constantly monitoring the current circulating in the active and neutral wires supplying a circuit or an individual item of equipment.Under ordinary conditions, the current flowing in the two wires is equivalent. When an earth leakage happens due to a fault in the circuit or an accident with the devices, an inequality occurs and this is detected by the RCD, which systematically removes the electrical power before injury or harm can result.Residual Current-Device Safety Switches form part of the general requirements under the “Duty of Care” and the obligation under the Occupational Health Safety laws and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirement. Having said that without having standard maintenance they may not trip promptly and or a whole lot worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches checked today. What is stopping you!


Believe it or not, there are a lot of types of surveillance lights out there, and each have their own varied specs. End of the day after all, they all fulfill an universal application– maintaining your property or business secure from trespass. One less basic but trending use of safe lighting during night time is the placement of strategic lights to boost the look of the building front of your house when anyone pass by. Here’s a couple of the more trendy lightings we set up and repair: Motion Sensor Security Lights: you use electric only when required, these lights will activate only when their motion sensor capture motion. Timer/Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: can be set to automatically brighten between dusk and dawn. Wireless (Wifi) Security Lights: you can control these lights with your remote control or your mobile phone of from any connection you prefer, you can quickly control if a light is on when you are away or open up the light right before you enter the door. Solar Security Lights: with LED globes utilising much less electrical power and being actually much brighter than halogen globes, it is becoming more popular to use solar energy in combination with any of the above lighting setups.

security lights
smoke alarms


Need mains powered smoke alarms to meet the tenancy legislative requirements for your leasing property/investment? Australian Legislative obligations demand you to have wired smoke alarms in your property, and the rationale Is simple: they protect lives. Tradie Hotline can advise you about what product is the most ideal for you and install it at your place to help you with your legal requirements Tradie Hotline is affiliated with over 300 real estate reps Australia wide, setting up and maintaining fire protection devices for either commercial and residential buildings. Call up today for a competitive quote and discover why Tradie Hotline maintains its leading position in this specific market.


There are quite a few solutions when selecting which electrical cooktop or over to install. Coil Cooktops, however, are largely out of the market a result of newest modern technology of Ceramic and Induction Stoves. Ceramic Cooktops: have very sleek and stylish designs and have a continuous surface with no grease or dirt traps so they’re easy to clean. The complication though is that they could be a little slow to respond to changes in temperature setting and spills can back on, so you need to wipe them up quickly and there’s often no lip around the edge of the cooktop. Induction Cooktops: have an extraordinary heat up and instantaneous response to temperature level modifications (even matching the capabilities of gas). To top it off, the cooktop itself does not get hot as it generates power into the kitchenware it is heating. With these advantage comes an added price and you will be limited to only using cooking equipment that have a suitable iron base (generally stainless steel and/or marked for induction). If you need a trained, seasoned and helpful electrical expert for any domestic or commercial electrical services including stove installment, make your 1st phone call to Tradie Hotline.

switchboard upgrade


In our contemporary houses if we want to safeguard the whole cabling system is of great importance to possess an adequate working switchboard However, if your house is equipped with an obsolete switchboard, that can really be the cause of your existing or future issue.

It’s important to have an idea when it’s time to change your switchboard

There are some typical symptoms that will aid you determine the origin of this issue. Among others, most of the simpler and common symptoms of an issue with the switchboard can be illuminations flickering or failure of power when more than one device is operating.
How much is it going to cost to replace it?

It can cost as much as $700 to $800 to removed and replace your existing switchboard and fuse box.

Even though this could seems like a big cost in truth is just a fragment to what you would have to pay if your wiring system gets fried through a failure of your switchboard.
Regardless of kind of property your have, a trustworthy switchboard that is correctly managed and installed for your house, unit, townhouse or apartment offers perfect security to live life unharmed.


Needed to have that ideal ceiling fan or light set up. At Tradie Hotline we have the perfect professional to accomplish the faultless job for you! Don’t hold back to have a friendly chat and land yourself a competitive quotation.
It is always a great idea to know what you intend to achieve with your lights install before going ahead.

Ambient lights– to achieve this utilizing a concealed source of illumination that cleans a space with a glow. It smooths an interior and creates hardly any shade. An example of ambient lighting are paper lights or a wall candlestick.

ceiling fan
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