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Welcome to Tradie Hotline Bexley Business office We are proud of the services we provide, of our integrity, integrity and overall high quality of our job. All our electrical experts are selected to make sure you are receiving a top of the class qualifieded qualified service from a tradie, who will attend all your needs We don’t waste time and money, we strive to achieve the most cost effective result. Our aim is to actually save time and money for you, in fact we will send out to you your trusted electrician who recognizes you, every time you desire our services In this way, the electrician will always know your habitation and will be able to act with effectiveness It doesn’t get better than that! To top it off, our buying power means we can supply quality electrical products and installations at very reasonable prices. To sum it up: fantastic quality, unbeatable service, and great pricing all with just a call to the right guys So if it’s an emergency or simply electrical services for residential or commercial electrical contractors work, touch base 24


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fault finding


Is your power stumbling or illuminations trembling? It seems you need to have a responsive electrical expert to come over and really help recognize your electrical related issue. Our electricians have done that many fault finding works that recognizing electrical issues in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is second nature to them Our electricians have done that many fault finding jobs that diagnosing electrical issues in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is second nature to them. So get that electrical problem sorted once and for all, give Tradie Hotline a ring. We have succeeded in providing unbeatable customer support and building solid relationships with our clients by proving ourselves again and again.


Tradie Hotline can offer services for bore pumps including installing and maintenance alongside repair options. We begin each task knowing that nearly every water pump is different, and our specialist will make certain that your water pump complies with all the spec and criteria of the bore. We can also provide specialised guidance about what kind of pump to use and the best ways to maintain it correctly to ensure a long life investment. Our expert electricians will handle the setup, making certain you learn exactly how you can looking after the basic maintenance of the pump Certainly, we also service and/or fix your currenting bore pumps.

pool & bore faults
power points


Do you have several power points that have to be replaced? Or possibly you just simply want to update your existing power points at your residence? Whatever is your reason, you have your men. We supply a comprehensive and very competitive offer without any unpleasant surprises in the end, and after your go-ahead, we will bring the right light in your everyday life immediately. Multiple innovations are applied daily in the old power point that we are used to using. When deciding on which power point you want to install, we’ll help you choose the perfect product for the right spot and obviously we’ll set it up as aspect of the friendly service. To give you a good example, if you want to charge your phone or ipad tablet, but you don’t want to keep your power point occupied, Tradie Hotline can mount for you a special power point supplied with USB port to ensure you can easily use your USB cable. We can also offer and install Wifi switches and remote control that will enable you to get in complete control of your electric devices from your smartphone. The options are endlessness.


Do you want to set up solar batteries on your residence or you are looking out for a new electric powered hot water system?
We have a devoted team of specialist which has access to the best variety of premium and budget items for any kind of circumstance. They will be happy to guide you and offer a helpful service in typical Tradie Hotline style.



Let’s face it, doing a home improvement can be an enormous tribulation. They usually go over budget and time– and best of luck getting your domestic electrician or plumber in on the arranged time. Tradie Hotline makes sure that all the above mention part are managed timely and with great competence. Give us a try with a simple call, book an electrician for a consultation and verify the difference Our experienced electricians can work with your tradesmen or we can quote the entire job for you to ensure we can spare you some time and money.


Safety is extremely important, but sadly in some cases we put our well-being second when we discover how much it will actually cost to rewire a property. Well don’t worry anymore. Achieving an affordable house wiring quotation now does not imply you have to jeopardise security and expertise. On the contrary, at Tradie Hotline our sheer economy of scale means we can offer you very competitive fees and back it with the guarantee of our absolutely experienced and certified electrical experts. Even a minimal electrical fault can be an early sign of existing wiring problems in our electrical system that could imperil your whole family. Our Electrical contractor will provide an outstanding job and deliver to you after completion a certificate of full conformity for the project done.



An RCD safety switch protects by continually monitoring the current circulating in the active and neutral wires providing a circuit or a distinct item of equipment.Under usual situations, the current moving in the two wires is equivalent. Whenever an earth leakage takes place as a result of a fault in the circuit or an accident with the devices, a disproportion takes place and this is spotted by the RCD, which instantly cuts off the power before injury or harm could result.Residual Current-Device Safety Switches form part of the whole criteria within the “Duty of Care” and the responsibility under the Occupational Health Safety legislations and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirement. Nonetheless without normal servicing they may not trip promptly and or worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches assessed today. What is stopping you!


When it comes to surveillance illuminations, there is an avalanche of potential options to consider, and each has various specs. But from a pragmatic angle, they all do the same thing: keep our residential properties or companies safe from intuders. One less basic but trending use of secure lighting during night time is the placement of strategic lights to boost the look of the face of your house when anyone pass by. Here’s a couple of the more in demand illuminations we install and repair: Motion Sensor Security Lights: you use electric only when required, these lights will activate only when their dynamics sensor capture activity. Timer/Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: can be set to automatically illuminate in between dusk and dawn. Wireless (Wifi) Security Lights: you can regulate these lights with your remote control or your smart device of from any network you like, you can quickly control if a light is on when you are not home or open up the light just before you enter the door. Lastly, the LED globes are the cutting edge technology when it pertains to saving money and help the ecosystem. They are also brighter than the most popular halogen globes.

security lights
smoke alarms


Needed to have mains powered smoke alarms to meet the tenancy legislative obligations for your leasing property/investment? Having wired smoke detector save lives, so protect your family or lessees, and make sure you are fulfilling Australian legislative criteria by getting yours mounted as soon as possible. Tradie Hotline can advise you about what item is the most appropriate for you and install it at your place to assist you with your legal requirements Always remember that Tradie Hotline is associated with 300 real estate agents in the entire Australia, supporting them in maintaining fire protection device for business and non commercial buildings. We can offer super competitive quotes for you too.


There are many solutions when picking which electrical cooktop or over to install. Coil Cooktops, however, are essentially out of the business because of the most recent innovation of Ceramic and Induction Stoves. Ceramic Cooktops: identified typically by a simple layout they appeal particularly to the lover of design and simple lines. They are easy to clean but not so rapid to respond when it comes down to adjustments in heat level. Induction Cooktops: the premium choice if you want to have the optimum reaction in heating up time and peak of temperature reachable. An increased price tag pairs these functionalities. Tradie Hotline can assist you in installing your new cooktop along with in advising you about the best option and supplying you with the appropriate product.

switchboard upgrade


Cutting-edge and efficiently functioning switchboards and circuit box play a critical job in taking care of your house cabling. However, if your property is furnished with an out-of-date switchboard, that can truly be the cause of your current or potential problem.

It’s important to understand when it’s time to substitute your switchboard

There are some popular signs that will aid you discover the origin of this trouble. Fuses blowing consistently or when more than one basic appliance is connected, lights trembling for no explanation, cabling in the switch box getting hot, or simply if you have the old fuse box with ceramic fuses.
How much is it going to cost to replace it?

The cost may differ but we are talking approximately $700 to $800 to replace your fuse box along with your main switchboard

Nevertheless this can creep up in price considerably in case you need extra cabling, circuits, additional power phases.
Irrespective or where you live and in what style of buildings you are located, owning a proper operating switchboard in effect is a crucial element for the safety of you and your relatives and an essential safety from pricey electrical related disasters.


Needed to have that immaculate ceiling fan or light installment. No one does a spotless set up like the accredited contractors at Tradie Hotline. It’s easy to have a fast and easy to review price estimate with no unpleasant surprise so you can contact us immediately!
Before dedicating to a task it’s better to have clear in mind what do you want to accomplish

Ambient lighting– to attain this utilizing a concealed source of light that washout a living area with a luminosity. It tones and flatten an interior and generates little shadow. A good example of ambient illumination are paper lights or a wall candlestick.

ceiling fan
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