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Welcome to Tradie Hotline Belmore Center We are proud of the services we offer, of our reliability, reliability and overall top quality of our job. Our electricians are hand picked to guarantee that you are dealing with an accredited and skilled tradie who is capable to tend to your problem and get it right first time round! No beating around the bush, throwing away your priceless time and money. Our aim is to actually save time and money for you, in fact we will send out to you your trusted electrician who knows you, every time you call for our services In this way, the electrician will always know your habitation and will be able to act with efficiency How fantastic is that! To top it off, our buying power means we can supply quality electrical materials and replacements at very competitive prices. To sum it up: fantastic quality, unbeatable service, and great pricing all with just a call to the right guys Therefore, it does not matter if it’s a simple electrical issue for your home or your business or a big emergency, our contractors are available 24h to help you.


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fault finding


Is your energy stumbling or illuminations flickering? It appears you require a competent and experienced electrician to come to your home and locate the power issue for you. Our electrical experts have done that many fault finding jobs that figuring out electrical issues in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is habit to them Our Electricians are top specialists in their field and conducted already a lot of fault finding works and been able to pinpoint an electrical issue at your place, workplace or shop, is a natural capability for them now.. It’s time to get rid of your electrical problem once and for all thanks to Tradie Hotline, give us a ring We have a history of success when it comes to providing an outstanding customer support and creates a long-lasting relationship with our clients, because of the good results achieved repeatedly


Tradie Hotline can supply services for bore pumps like installing and care along with servicing solutions. We begin each work understanding that every water pump is unique, and our specialist will ensure that your water pump fulfills all the spec and guidelines of the bore. We can also provide specialised recommendations about what type of pump to use and the best ways to preserve it properly to assure a long life investment. Our qualified electricians will securely install it, and guide you up on safe routine maintenance tips. Undoubtedly we do offer services to repair or check your existing bore pumps for optimal performances.

pool & bore faults
power points


If you have malfunctioning power points that require upgrading, or if you’re looking to mount some new power points in your home then you’re in the right place. Our electrical experts, will get the spark back into your day real fast, and most importantly, it’s affordable and will not hurt your pocket. Call now for a competitive quotation. There is a countless of new innovations now being incorporated into the existing power point as you know it. When selecting which power point you would like to install, we’ll help you choose the right product for the right area and obviously we’ll set it up as aspect of the warm and friendly service. As an example, Tradie Hotline can easily set up USB power points at home, or workplace, so that you can charge things like smartphone and tablets with the USB cable. This leaves the power outlets accessible for other devices, like table lamps and clock radio. We also have access to Wifi switches and remote control that make it possible for you to oversee your electrical devices from your smartphone anywhere in the world.


Do you want to mount solar batteries on your house or you are searching for a new electrical hot water solution?
We have a dedicated team of specialist which has access to the best variety of premium and budget products for any type of circumstance. They will more than happy to advise you and offer a friendly service in traditional Tradie Hotline style.



Let’s admit it, doing a home improvement can be an enormous tribulation. Whenever you set a budget, It always gets crushed, and one of the most complicated tasks is to get a reputable electrical contractor to be on time and get the job done.. Tradie Hotline ensures that all the above mention part are managed timely and with great experience. Consult a Tradie Hotline plumber or electrician immediately and check out the difference. We will consult with your tradesmen or even quote you up on the entire renovation job sparing you time, money and one substantial headache


Safety is vital, but regretfully sometimes we put our safety second when we uncover the amount of money it will actually cost to rewire a household. But now, thank to Tradie Hotline, attaining a budget-friendly quote to rewire your household in a quality way is attainable. On the contrary, at Tradie Hotline our sheer economy of scale means we can offer you reasonable fees and back it with the promise of our truly experienced and qualified electricians. If you have repeated simple electrical related issues it could be a sign that your existing wiring is alarmingly torn, not appropriately grounded or not up to the demands of your modern home appliances. Our Electrical contractor will offer an exceptional job and deliver to you upon finalization a certificate of full conformity for the job performed.



An RCD security switch safeguards by consistently overseeing the current flowing in the active and neutral cables providing a circuit or a distinct item of equipment.Under usual situations, the current passing in the two wires is equal. The moment an earth leakage takes place caused by a fault in the circuit or an accident with the devices, an imbalance happens and this is spotted by the RCD, which instantly removes the electrical power before injury or issue could result.Residual Current-Device Safety Switches form part of the overall requirements within the “Duty of Care” and the obligation under the Occupational Health Safety legislations and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirement. Having said that without standard servicing they may not trip in time and or even worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches tested today. What is preventing you!


Believe it or not, there are countless types of security lights out there, and each one have their own varied specifications. But from a practical point of view, they all do the same thing: help keep our residences or commercial properties protected from intuders. One less common but trending use of safe lighting when night time is the placement of strategic lights to improve the look of the front of your house when somebody pass by. Among the hundreds of light we can set up and repair, here are a number of the most common: Motion Sensor Security Lights: you use electricity only when required, these lights will turn on only when their movement sensor capture activity. Timer/Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: can be set to systematically illuminate in between dusk and dawn. Wireless (Wifi) Security Lights: you can regulate these lights with your remote control or your smartphone of from any network you prefer, you can easily control if a light is on when you are away or open up the light right before you step into the door. Solar Security Lights: with LED globes utilising much less electricity and being actually significantly brighter than halogen globes, it is coming to be more popular to use solar energy in combination with any of the above lighting setups.

security lights
smoke alarms


Do you have a rental property investment and you don’t know what the most suitable smoke alarms sensor for you are? Having wired smoke detector save lives, so safeguard your family members or lessees, and make sure you are satisfying Australian legislational guidelines by having yours mounted as soon as possible. We will more than happy to recommend you on what you need to ensure you meet your legal prerequisites. Tradie Hotline is affiliated with over 300 real estate agents Australia wide, mounting and taking care of fire protection devices for either industrial and residential properties. Call up today for a very competitive quotation and discover why Tradie Hotline keeps its top position in this particular market.


There are several options when deciding on which electrical cooktop or over to install. Coil Cooktops, however, are mostly out of the business due to the latest innovation of Ceramic and Induction Heaters. Ceramic Cooktops: distinguished typically by a seamless design they appeal primarily to the lover of style and simple lines. They are easy to clean but not so swift to respond when it comes to changes in heat level. Induction Cooktops: have a phenomenal heat up and instantaneous response to temperature modifications (even matching the capacities of gas). To top it off, the cooktop in itself does not get hot as it generates power into the kitchenware it is heating. With these advantage comes an additional charge and you will be limited to only using cookware that have an appropriate iron base (generally stainless steel and/or marked for induction). Tradie Hotline can aid you in setting up your new cooktop as well as in advising you about the very best choice and providing you with the correct product.

switchboard upgrade


Contemporary and correctly functioning switchboards and circuit box fulfill a considerable purpose in taking care of your house wiring. However, if your residential property is equipped with an obsolete switchboard, that can in fact be the cause of your present or potential problem.

It’s important to have an idea when it’s time to change your switchboard

When you have a power issue, that connect to the switchboard there are some source that are easy cues to pinpoint Among others, most of the less complicated and common signs of a complication with the switchboard can be illuminations trembling or outage of power when more than one kitchen appliance is working.
How much is it going to cost to replace it?

The cost may fluctuate but we are talking around $700 to $800 to replace your fuse box along with your main switchboard

Although this could appears like a big expense in truth is just a fragment to what you would will need to spend if your wiring system gets fried through a breakdown of your switchboard.
Despite or where you live and in what kind of properties you are located, having a proper working switchboard in place is a cornerstone for the well-being of you and your relatives and a security from very expensive electrical related misfortunes.


Are you seeking a flawless lighting or ventilator installment? At Tradie Hotline we have the best professional to do the perfect job for you! It’s easy to have a quick and easy to read quote with no surprise so you can phone us now!
It is often a good idea to know what you wish to obtain with your lighting install before proceeding.

Ambient Illumination – you can produce this with a well-hidden source of illumination that hit the area through the best angle and create a glow effect Creating minimal shadows around your furnishings An illustration of ambient lighting are paper lights or a wall sconce.

ceiling fan
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