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Welcome to Tradie Hotline Banksia Facility We are proud of the services we deliver, of our reliability, honesty and overall outstanding quality of our job. All our electricians are selected to make sure you are receiving a top of the class qualifieded qualified service from a tradie, who will attend all your needs No beating around the bush, wasting your priceless time and money. We also save you time and money, by making sure we send out the same electrician every time you need our services this means, the electrician knows his way around your residency, and can hit the ground running. How great is that! To make it even better, thanks to our buying power we can provide you the best electrical product and installation at incredible rates There you have it, exceptional quality, unmatched service and competitive price all comes packaged with a single call. Therefore, it does not matter if it’s a simple electrical issue for your home or your business or a big emergency, our contractors are available 24h to help you.


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fault finding


Is your electrical power tumbling or lightings flickering? It seems you may need a helpful electrical expert to come over and really help pinpoint your power problem. Our electricians have done that many fault finding projects that detecting electrical problems in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is habit to them Our electricians have done that many fault finding jobs that diagnosing electrical issues in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is second nature to them. It’s time to get rid of your electrical problem once and for all through Tradie Hotline, give us a ring We have a history of effectiveness when it comes to providing an outstanding customer service and creates a long-term relationship with our clients, because of the good results achieved repeatedly.


Tradie Hotline can supply services for bore pumps such as setup and care along with replacement solutions. We begin each project understanding that nearly every water pump is unique, and our professional will make certain that your water pump fulfills all the spec and guidelines of the bore. We can give guidance on the right pump to use to ensure your pump lives a good lengthy life. Our expert electrical contractors will handle the installment, ensuring you learn exactly how to taking care of the basic maintenance of the pump Certainly, we also service and/or repair your currenting bore pumps.

pool & bore faults
power points


If you have defective power points that need repairing, or if you’re seeking to mount some new power points in your property then you’re in the best website. We supply a complete and competitively priced offer without any disappointments in the end, and after your approval, we will bring the right light in your daily life instantly. There is a countless of new modern technologies nowadays being incorporated into the old power point as you know it. It’s important to have the right expertise before committing to a task, indeed, before making any purchase we can advise you regarding the right products and the perfect location and lastly we will set them up as part of the service. To give you a good example, if you want to charge your mobile phone or tablet, but you don’t want to keep your power point busy, Tradie Hotline can set up for you a special power point supplied with USB port so that you can easily utilize your USB cable. We can also supply and install Wifi switches and remote control that will enable you to get in absolute control of your electrically powered devices from your mobile phone. The possibilities are endlessness.


Do you want to mount photovoltaic panels on your house or you are searching for a new electric powered hot water solution?
We have a committed team of specialist which has access to the very best variety of premium and budget items for any type of scenario. They will be happy to advise you and offer a helpful service in typical Tradie Hotline style.



Renovations may be such a migraine. Every time you fix a budget, It regularly gets shattered, and one of the most troublesome tasks is to get a trustworthy electrical contractor to be on time and executing the job.. Tradie Hotline makes sure that all the above mention part are handled timely and with great experience. Call a Tradie Hotline plumber or electrician immediately and find the difference. We will collaborate with your tradesmen or even quote you up on the whole renovation job saving you time, money and one substantial headache.


Safety is critical, but unfortunately occasionally we put our safety second when we uncover how much it will really cost to rewire a property. Well don’t fret ever again. Achieving an inexpensive house wiring quotation now does not mean you will have to jeopardise well-being and skillfullness. In truth, at Tradie Hotline we can use economy of scale for premium solutions and offer you the most reliable quality of experienced and highly trained professionals at an extremely competitive rates. Even a minor electrical fault could be a very early sign of occurring wiring issues in our electrical system that could endanger your family members. Our Electrical contractor will offer an outstanding job and provide to you upon completion a certificate of full conformity for the job done.



An RCD safety switch protects by consistently monitoring the current flowing in the active and neutral cables providing a circuit or an individual item of equipment.Under standard situations, the current passing in the two wires is equivalent. Whenever an earth leakage occurs because of the a fault in the circuit or an accident with the equipment, an imbalance happens and this is spotted by the RCD, which instantly cuts off the electricity before injury or damage could result.Residual Current-Device Safety Switches form part of the general criteria within the “Duty of Care” and the responsibility under the Occupational Health Safety laws and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirement. Nonetheless without routine servicing they may not trip in time and or much worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches assessed today. What is preventing you!


When it comes to security illuminations, there is an avalanche of potential possibilities to consider, and every has various specs. But from a practical point of view, they all do the same thing: manage to keep our properties or companies safe and secure from intruders. One less common but trending use of safe lighting during night time is the positioning of strategic lights to improve the look of the front of your property when someone pass by. Among the hundreds of illumination we can set up and fix, here are some of the most common: Motion Sensor Security Lights: you consume electricity only when needed, these lights will switch on only when their dynamics sensor capture activity. Timer/Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: The highlight of these lights is the ability to set up a timer and intenseness value to offer the most suitable illumination at each time of day and night. Wireless (Wifi) Security Lights: you can control these lights with your remote control or your smart device of from any connection you prefer, you can easily control if a light is on when you are not home or open up the light just before you step into the door. Solar Security Lights: with LED globes utilising much less electrical power and being really substantially brighter than halogen globes, it is emerging as more popular to use solar energy in combination with any of the above lighting setups.

security lights
smoke alarms


Needed to have mains powered smoke alarms to meet the tenancy legislative obligations for your leasing property/investment? Having wired smoke detector save lives, so protect your family members or lessees, and make sure you are meeting Australian legislational requirements by getting yours mounted right now. We will be happy to advise you about what you need to ensure you meet your legal requirements. Tradie Hotline is associated with over 300 real property agents Australia wide, setting up and maintaining fire protection devices for either industrial and residential buildings. Call up today for a very competitive quote and discover why Tradie Hotline keeps its prominent position in this particular market.


Electric Cooktop comes with different alternatives to select for your residence Coil cooktops seem to be off of the game now with most up-to-date technology pushing Ceramic and Induction stoves to consumers. Ceramic Cooktops: distinguished typically by a sleek design they appeal especially to the lover of design and simple lines. They are easy to clean but not so swift to react when it comes to changes in heat level. Induction Cooktops: have a remarkable heat up and immediate response to temperature adjustments (even matching the capacities of gas). To top it off, the cooktop itself does not get hot as it induces power into the kitchenware it is heating. With these pros comes an added price and you will be limited to only using kitchenware that have a suitable ferrous base (generally stainless steel and/or marked for induction). Tradie Hotline can help you in mounting your new stove in addition to in advising you about the best alternative and providing you with the appropriate product.

switchboard upgrade


Cutting-edge and correctly working switchboards and circuit box represent a substantial duty in preserving your home cabling. Well quite truthfully, your out-of-date switchboard or fuse box might highly be the problem.

It’s important to realize when it’s time to change your switchboard

There are some common symptoms that will aid you discover the origin of this problem. To name a few, most of the simpler and common signs of a complication with the switchboard can be lights flickering or failure of power when more than one home appliance is operating.
Yes ok, but how much is going to cost me to replace my switchboard?

The cost may deviate but we are talking approximately $700 to $800 to removed and replace your fuse box along with your primary switchboard

Nonetheless this can creep up in cost substantially in case you need extra cabling, circuits, additional power phases.
Irrespective or where you live and in what kind of houses you are located, owning an adequate working switchboard in place is a key element for the health of you and your family members and a protection against expensive electric hazards.


Need that ideal ceiling fan or light set up. Nobody does a clean install like the certified contractors at Tradie Hotline. Don’t hold back to have a friendly chat and land yourself a very competitive quotation.
It is typically a good idea to know what you intend to accomplish with your illumination install before proceeding.

Ambient illumination– to accomplish this by utilizing a hidden source of light that washout a room with a splendor. Creating minimum shadows around your furnishings An example of ambient lighting are paper lanterns or a wall sconce.

ceiling fan
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