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Greetings from Tradie Hotline Ashfield Offices We take pride in ourselves on the reliable, honest and quality service we offer our clients.. Our electricians are hand picked to provide that you are dealing with a licensed and professional tradie who is able to tend to your problem and get it right first time round! We don’t waste time and money, we strive to achieve the most cost effective result. Our aim is to actually save time and money for you, in fact we will send out to you your entrusted electrician who knows you, every time you request our services In this way, the electrician will always know your habitation and will be able to act with efficiency How good is that! To make it even better, thanks to our buying power we can provide you the best electrical appliance and installation at incredible rates There you have it, exceptional quality, unmatched service and competitive price all comes packaged with a single call. Therefore, it does not matter if it’s a simple electrical issue for your home or your business or a big emergency, our contractors are available 24h to help you.


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fault finding


Is your power stumbling or lightings trembling? It seems like you need to have a warm and friendly electrician to come over and help determine your electrical problem. Our electrical experts have done that many fault finding tasks that identifying electrical problems in your house, office or shop’s electrical circuit is familiarity to them Our Electricians are top-notch professionals in their field and carried out already a lot of fault finding works and managed to pinpoint an electrical issue at your place, workplace or shop, is a natural talent for them now.. So get that electrical problem sorted conclusively, give Tradie Hotline a call. We have succeeded in supplying unsurpassable customer service and building solid relationships with our customers by demonstrating ourselves repeatedly.


Tradie Hotline can offer professional services for bore pumps such as installing and routine maintenance along with servicing solutions. Each water bore is unique and pumps must fulfill the criteria and standards of the bore. We can give advice on the right pump to use to ensure your pump lives a good lengthy life. Our pro electrical contractors will handle the setup, making certain you know clearly the best ways to looking after the basic maintenance of the pump Of course, we also service and/or repair your currenting bore pumps.

pool & bore faults
power points


If you have malfunctioning power points that require upgrading, or if you’re looking to set up some new power points in your home then you’re in the perfect website. Our electricians, will get the spark back into your day real quick, and most importantly, it’s affordable and won’t sting your pocket. Call now for a very competitive quotation. Many different modern technologies are employed every day in the old power point that we are used to using. When selecting which power point you want to set up, we’ll help you choose the right product for the right area and naturally we’ll set it up as part of the warm and friendly service. To give you an example, if you intend to charge your mobile phone or apple ipad, but you don’t want to keep your power point busy, Tradie Hotline can set up for you a very special power point equipped with USB slot so that you can easily use your USB cable. We can also supply and install Wifi switches and remote control that will enable you to get in complete control of your electrical devices from your smartphone. The possibilities are endlessness


Need a hand to finalise your electrical hot water unit installation, or perhaps after a photovoltaic panel mount.
We have a dedicated team of specialist which has access to the very best range of premium and budget items for any sort of situation. They will be happy to guide you and offer a helpful service in traditional Tradie Hotline style.



Remodellings could be such a migraine. They usually go over budget and time– and best of luck getting your electrical installer or plumbing technician in on the agreed time. That’s where we can come in and do the job– straightforward. Give us a try with a simple telephone call, book an electrician for a consult and check the difference Our qualified electricians can work with your tradesmen or we can quote the entire job for you so that we can save you some time and money.


Safety is critical, but sadly often we put our well-being second when we find out how much it will really cost to rewire a household. Well don’t worry ever again. Getting a cheap house wiring quote now does not imply you have to jeopardise security and expertise. On the contrary, at Tradie Hotline our sheer economy of scale means we can supply you reasonable prices and back it with the promise of our genuinely experienced and certified electrical contractors. Even a minimal electrical fault can be a very early sign of occurring wiring issues in our electrical system that could threaten your family. Naturally it goes without saying that our professionals will provide you with a full compliance certification upon completion of the job.



An RCD protection switch protects by consistently keeping track of the current circulating in the active and neutral cables supplying a circuit or an individual item of equipment.Under standard scenarios, the current passing in the two wires is equal. The moment an earth leakage occurs due to a fault in the circuit or an accident with the equipment, an inequality occurs and this is recognized by the RCD, which instantly cuts off the power before injury or damage could result.Residual Current-Device Safety Switches form part of the overall criteria within the “Duty of Care” and the obligation under the Occupational Health Safety legislations and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirement. However without having normal repairs and maintenance they may not trip promptly and or worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches checked today. What is stopping you!


Believe it or not, there are numerous varieties of security lights out there, and each one have their own varied lists of specifications. But from a pragmatic point of view, they all do the same thing: help keep our residences or businesses safe and secure from intuders. One less common but trending use of safe lighting during night time is the placement of strategic lights to improve the look of the façade of your house when anyone pass by. Among the hundreds of illumination we can set up and fix, here are several of the most common: Motion Sensor Security Lights: you use electric only when required, these lights will activate only when their movement sensor capture movement. Timer/Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: can be set to systematically illuminate in between dusk and dawn. Wireless (Wifi) Security Lights: you can regulate these lights with your remote control or your smartphone of from any network you like, you can quickly control if a light is on when you are not home or open up the light right before you enter the door. Finally, the LED globes are the cutting edge innovation when it pertains to saving money and help the environment. They are also brighter than the most popular halogen globes.

security lights
smoke alarms


Need mains powered smoke alarms to meet the tenancy legislative requirements for your leasing property/investment? Having wired smoke alarms save lives, so safeguard your family members or lessees, and ensure you are complying with Australian legislative requirements by getting yours mounted as soon as possible. We will more than happy to advise you about what you need to ensure you meet your lawful requirements. Tradie Hotline is associated with more than 300 real property agents Australia wide, setting up and maintaining fire protection devices for either industrial and residential properties. Call up today for a competitive quote and discover why Tradie Hotline maintains its top position in this market.


Electrical Cooktop has different possibilities to select for your residence Coil Cooktops, however, are largely out of the business because of the most updated innovation of Ceramic and Induction Electric stoves. Ceramic Cooktops: have very compact and smart-looking layouts and have a continuous top with no grease or dirt traps so they’re easy to clean. The issue though is that they might be a little slow to respond to changes in temperature setting and spills can back on, so you need to wipe them up quickly and there’s often no lip around the edge of the cooktop. Induction Cooktops: have an extraordinary heat up and instantaneous response to temperature level modifications (even matching the capabilities of gas). To top it off, the cooktop in itself does not get hot as it generates power into the cookware it is heating. With these pros comes an extra charge and you will be limited to only using cookware that have an appropriate ferrous base (generally stainless steel and/or marked for induction). Tradie Hotline can aid you in setting up your new cooktop along with in recommending you about the most suitable alternative and supplying you with the right product.

switchboard upgrade


Cutting-edge and efficiently operating switchboards and fuse boxes play a substantial purpose in preserving your home cabling. Nevertheless, if your property is furnished with an outdated switchboard, that can truly be the cause of your existing or potential issue.

So when do you have to replace a switchboard?

When you have a power issue, that connect to the switchboard there are some source that are quick and easy signals to pinpoint Among others, most of the less complicated and typical signs of a complication with the switchboard might be lightings flaring or blackout of electricity when more than one home appliance is operating.
Yes ok, but how much is going to cost me to replace my switchboard?

The cost may differ but we are talking approximately $700 to $800 to removed and replace your fuse box together with your primary switchboard

Nonetheless this can creep up in price considerably in the event that you need extra cabling, circuits, additional power phases.
Irrespective or where you live and in what style of residential or commercial properties you are located, possessing an adequate functioning switchboard in place is a key element for the well-being of you and your family and a security against expensive electrical related accidents


Are you looking for an impressive illumination or ventilator installment? At Tradie Hotline we have the optimal licensed contractor to do the perfect work for you! Don’t be reluctant to touch base and land yourself a competitive quotation.
It is often a great idea to know what you intend to achieve with your lighting install before going ahead.

Ambient Illumination – you can achieve this with a well-hidden source of light that hit the bedroom through the ideal angle and create a glow result It smooths an interior and generates little shade. A wall sconce is an example of ambient illumination, as are paper lanterns. We could also look at setting up a dimmer on appropriate illuminations to achieve ambient light.

ceiling fan
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