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Do you feel that your home also has to face plumbing issues which need to be solved in an emergency?  People who are living in the house usually face day to day plumbing issues. It is one of the most annoying emergencies which any of us can face for the household.

Plumbing issues is a broad generalised term which involves a significant number of sub-issues such as leakage of taps and gas fitting issues.

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Everyone needs electricity in their household. Electricity is a high requirement and encompasses all the electrical applications such as power supply for charging, electric supply for fan and light and so on and so forth. However, while setting up electricity for the household, it should be of utmost importance as improper connections can cause a short circuit and a potential fire. We at Tradie Hotline Electrical provide emergency electricians for the purpose of installation as well as carrying out surveys, testing, inspections and even repairs.

Our technicians provide the highest quality of work and give utmost level of satisfaction to our clientele.

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Deciding whether to sell or renovate is a dilemma most families with growing pains will wrestle with. For some, it will be a finance-driven decision, for others a question of location.

We can help you assess your current home and advise the options available to you. Tradie Hotline can introduce you to home design solutions that fit your budget and your family requirements. We can assist you to define the family dynamics that will drive the way you intend to live and play now and in the future.

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Make Safe

We are a people orientated company with a great emphasis on staff training and development, as well as commitment to quality plumbing service.

Employ over 40 qualified plumbers and related trades who undertake ongoing training and development.


Fleet of well-equipped vans for construction and maintenance work.

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